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At CoreHealth we want to share what our company is doing during the pandemic to stay connected and well. We also want to be a place that can provide you with educational material from our Epidemiologist, Dr. Tyler Amell .

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Dr. Tyler Amell 
How to Reduce the Risk to You and Your People of Becoming Ill from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Although winter is coming to a close in the Northern Hemisphere, the influenza (aka the 'flu') season has not yet passed. It's important to understand the best ways to prevent yourself from getting the flu, as well as the latest pandemic, COVID-19.

CoreHealth Values at Work... at Work (from home)

George Carlin once famously said “Don’t sweat the petty thing and don’t pet the sweaty things.” If that isn’t a mantra for social distancing in a time of flattening the curve… I really don’t know what is. Everything I needed to know to survive COVID-19 I learned from George Carlin.  But seriously, CoreHealth is amazing and this is why.

CoreHealth's Response to COVID-19: NO License Fees for Resiliency Program

CoreHealth Technologies partners with SelfHelpWorks to bring a program to help your people manage stress and build resiliency during the COVID-19 crisis.

CoreHealth Values at Work... at Work (from home) Volume 2

CoreHealth has been supporting virtual business practices for far longer than COVID-19 has been keeping us inside. Our coaching platform has an embedded, secure video connection that makes it possible for participants to interact with their coaches completely privately.

CoreHealth Values at Work... at Work (from home) Volume 3

During this continuing uncertain quarantine time, days are blurring together, people are trying to adapt to a new normal and mental health concerns are on the rise. 

The Problem with Work Related Stress

Stress. Nobody is immune from it. We all experience it. And, unlike many health issues, there is no vaccine to prevent it. Stress levels have increased exponentially since the arrival of the COVID-19 disease in early 2020.