The ENTIRE team at CoreHealth is out of control when it comes to providing support for WiLO. Passion is at the heart of what we do. From our positive attitude and dedication to our drive and personal support, every moment of your experience with us will help you excel.
  • You’ve never experienced speed like our tech team delivers. If you need someone NOW, our toll-free admin hotline connects you to a live person. And if we’re on the line, we call back… fast!
  • We’re always searching for ways to make you the hero. You are our #1 service priority.
  • If your custom development request fits other clients, we’ll deliver it free!
  • Have a new idea but not sure how to implement? Our on-staff health promotions expert and technical team is eager to help!
  • We strive to always be first with robust wellness technology and WiLO is packed with industry firsts!
  • When we see effective wellness practices in the marketplace, we share them! We’re your extra ears to the ground.
  • We give you control. WiLO is designed to make everything an admin does faster, easier, and with more flexibility than you imagined possible.
  • What takes others weeks, we aim to deliver in hours at most. Yes, that’s right!
  • And bonus! We make it all fun!

Sure, anyone can claim to give good service, but we’re out on the lunatic fringe. Just take a look at what our clients have to say.

“Our clients are looking for complete strategies.  Our CoreHealth platform allows us to deliver this… our way!  We can integrate our assessment with coaching, and engage with exciting interventions at any time, and provide meaningful reporting for the participants and company.  With all of our needs, CoreHealth’s quick and friendly customer service and support is the best I’ve ever experienced.” 

Angela Lee, Health Designs

“Being a high touch provider, we invest extensively in expert knowledge and we need the freedom to leverage it. Prior to contracting the CoreHealth platform, technology was our greatest limitation.  Today, we deliver our programs, our way. We follow our business model and adapt at our pace. And we have a robust technology toolset that facilitates our proven experts.” 

Ann Sabbag, Health Designs

“I love this platform because it is flexible, easy to use, and has great tools to make wellness campaigns fun.  We can put a lot of information on the site and it has a very clean look.  It also provides the information I need.  My employees love the motivational experience we deliver to employees around the globe - inspiring challenges, informational points, milestones, and recognition.” 

Mark Malusa, The Cooper Companies


“I appreciate the CoreHealth team, sharing of best practices, tips, ideas and of course exceptional support. So glad to be working alongside such a committed and passionate group of people!”

Linda Lewis-Daly, Lewis Daly & Associates